Wednesday, October 12, 2011

VIDEO: Archie Meets KISS preview

There’s more money headed Gene Simmons’ way.

From the world of comics, comes a new 4-part series: Archie Meets KISS.

Yup: the kids from Riverdale get some help from KISS when their town is overrun by monsters bent on turning the residents into mindless zombies (insert your own punchline here).

Will KISS save the day? Or will Riverdale fall under the invaders' dangerous spell?

Featuring words by Alex Segura, and art by Dan Parent, the debut edition is Archie #627.

Along with a new Archie Comics Digital APP, the 4-part series launches November 30.

Looks the complete series will be issued next year in one-shot: Amazon lists a May 1, 2012 street date for the paperback edition.

I’m sure Gene won’t mind selling it to you twice.

Archie Meets KISS – trailer (2011)

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