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Rock News Story Of The Year #5: GUNS N’ ROSES

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Rock News Story Of The Year #5 – GUNS N' ROSES

February 10, 2011

Guns N’ Roses: reunion lineup in talks for 2012 Super Bowl?

An Indianapolis sports reporter has posted a rumor that a Guns N’ Roses reunion is in talks with the NFL to appear at next years’ Super Bowl in – you guessed it – Indianapolis.

This comes from

Sterling claims he’s been told that preliminary talks have already taken place to reconvene the most popular lineup of Guns N’ Roses to turn Indianapolis into Paradise City.

Sterling takes shots at many rock performers he feels aren’t up to the task, while suggesting that Gun N’ Roses might be the only rock band with its members still living that hasn’t played a Super Bowl halftime show that could generate a real sense of excitement for what this year became a devolving mess.”

Sure, a GNR reunion would potentially be mind-blowing to many, but let’s consider some solid rock n’ roll options that Sterling doesn’t mention.


AC/DC have sold twice as many albums as GNR worldwide (and almost twice as many in just the US alone). Always a reliable live act, they’d deliver a strong 12 minute set, and I doubt it would include a medley.

Van Halen

Van Halen are expected to have new music out in advance of next year’s game and, since Sterling decided to play the “Axl’s an Indiana native” card, keep in mind that David Lee Roth is, as well. VH have sold 20% more albums in the US than GNR to date.


KISS are another reliable live act that would deliver the goods in a typically over-the-top production that would suit the size of the event. And Gene Simmons would appear in every commercial during the broadcast trying to sell something with a KISS logo on it.

Green Day

A newer band like Green Day shouldn’t be discounted , as they've developed a huge profile and the ability to deliver a killer live set; they’d sure bring some excitement to the proceedings.


While they have played a Super Bowl before, I’ve actually been thinking lately that Aerosmith may get the nod for Super Bowl 46. Steven Tyler’s profile on American Idol is building momentum weekly, and the Boston band could be peaking at the right time for things to fall very nicely into place by the time next February rolls around.

Guns Guns N' Roses

Guns N Roses – Paradise City
The Ritz – NYC – February 2, 1988