Friday, December 9, 2011

VIDEO: ZZ Top guitarist provides update on new album

The new ZZ Top album feels like it’s been a long time coming…and not just because the last time the band released a new record was 2003’s “Mescalaro,” either.

The new ZZ project has been talked about for a few years now, and fans must be getting anxious to hear something after all this time.

Now, ZZ guitarist Billy Gibbons provides another update on the work-in-progress, courtesy of a new interview with Rolling Stone.

Gibbons says the band’s “incessant touring” schedule has continually pulled them away from the studio, but that they’ve been hard at work when they’ve actually found the time to record with producer Rick Rubin.

"When you add up the days in the studio, it hasn't allowed us much time to do much else than plug straight into an amp and play as a trio,” says Billy. “We're still not afraid to experiment when time allows, but these are things that don't normally pop up in a ZZ session. It's just, go in and get it."

“Presently, it would be safe to say that by spring of the year 2012”
is when fans can look forward to some new ZZ in their collection, according to Gibbons.

ZZ Top ZZ Top

ZZ Top – Just Got Paid
Double Down Live 1980

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