Sunday, February 26, 2012

Motley Crue in the studio this weekend

Having completed their Las Vegas residency, Motley Crue are in the studio this weekend recording a new song.

“Writing lyrics right now for new Motley Crue,” posted bassist Nikki Sixx on Wednesday. “We are cutting drums ,bass and guitars this weekend at Tommy's Studio. This one is a panty dropper for sure......I was just thinking, I've been writing music for most of my life and it still feels fresh every time I pick up the pen, guitar or bass.....”

On Sunday, Sixx updated fans on the group’s progress.

“Been in the recording studio cutting new Motley Crue with the guys,” writes Nikki. “We are recording at Tommy's studio ( which is insane ) and James Micheal is producing. We laid down the bass and drums yesterday and Mick Mars comes in today to blast the guitars. Then Vince is coming in next week to do his vocals....Haven't been in the studio in a few years with the guys and it feel's like magic...Hard to explain what it sounds like other than just straight out sexy...maybe throw some dirt and sarcasm on top too. Who wants some?”

The Crue have a European tour set for summer; things fire up June 5 in Moscow.

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