Thursday, May 24, 2012

VIDEO: Aerosmith – Steven Tyler & Joe Perry talk new album

Aerosmith have announced an August 28 release date for their new album, “Music From Another Dimension.”

It’s the Boston band’s first studio album since 2004 and first project of new material since 2001’s “Just Push Play.”

Aerosmith recorded the project with producer Jack Douglas, who worked on such band classics 1974's "Get Your Wings," 1975's "Toys in the Attic," and 1976's "Rocks"; the veteran producer reunited with the band on its 2004 collection of blues standards, "Honkin' on Bobo."

“This album cycle was the same as it was any other time,” explains Steven Tyler. “We give ourselves a year to write, and we give ourselves some time to put it down in the studio, and I’m happy as I can be about this album cycle.”

“You know, we got inspired to do the record,”
adds Joe Perry, “and then it took 8 years to decide to go into the studio and do it, but you know, after a couple of false starts, this is the record.”

“It’s the first time we got together as a band, in a room, with a producer and started crankin’ stuff up,”
continues Perry. “It’s basically been the same way we made records all along.”

The first single is “Legendary Child.”

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