Friday, June 22, 2012

Metallica talk about this weekend’s Orion Music + More festival

This weekend, Metallica launch the inaugural Orion Music + More festival at Bader Field in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

In addition to more than 30 artists on the bill, Metallica will headline both nights, each with a different angle: they’ll play their classic “Ride The Lightning” album in its entirety on Saturday and, for the first time ever in the U.S., perform the “Black” album on Sunday.

Frontman James Hetfield spoke with the Philadelphia Inquirer about why the band decided to create and host their own festival.

“First of all, because we can,” says James. “Why wouldn't you? We're just trying to bring a little more of a mix to what is going on. . . . I think the Europeans are able to look at a festival more as an event than 'my favorite band is playing.' We're not necessarily trying to reproduce that in the States, but we'd like to bring a little taste of that here.”

Any recommendations for the weekend?

“There's the crazy chick [Grace Perry] in Land Mine Marathon, or Baroness, or Jim Breuer doing his comedy,” says Hetfield. “Then, there are a lot of metal bands that we've played with or other stuff we enjoy. Suicidal (Tendencies), Sepultura, the Sword. I'm going through this phase listening to this band called Ghost. There's Torch, Red Fang, Kyng . . . .”

As for Metallica’s headlining sets, James was asked about the significance of the two albums they’ll play in their entirety.

’Ride the Lightning’ started to splinter us off from your Slayers and other thrash bands,” explains James. “A song called ‘Fade to Black’ was an instant thorn in the side of the metal community. It was the first veering off the studded path.”

And the “Black” album?

“It became the album, I guess, that people needed to have. It's a gateway for people to get into Metallica.”

Read more with James Hetfield at the Philadelphia Inquirer here.

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