Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wolfgang Van Halen thanks fans for North American tour

Van Halen wrapped up the first leg of their “A Different Kind Of Truth” tour Tuesday night in New Orleans.

After the show, bassist Wolfgang Van Halen tweeted a photo (see above) and added, “Thanks everyone for such an incredible tour! It’s been a wonderful experience. You guys are the best! ‪#grateful”

Van Halen’s 2012 live shows began with an invite-only performance at the legendary Café Wha? in New York in January, followed by a similarly intimate gig in Los Angeles in early February.

After the band’s traditional warm-up show for friends and family in L.A., Van Halen opened up the “A Different Kind Of Truth” tour in Louisville, Kentucky on February 18.

The group is now taking a summer break before playing a series of shows in Japan in November.

There’s also a buzz in the sports community that Van Halen could be on tap to play Super Bowl 47 next year in New Orleans.

Van Van Halen

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