Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Van Halen: Second Japanese show confirmed

While Van Halen have suggested that they’ll be playing shows in Japan this November, the band has yet to actually announce or officially confirm anything to date.

Three shows for the band’s “A Different Kind Of Truth” tour have been rumored, including Osaka (Nov 20), Tokyo (Nov 27) and Nagoya (Nov 29).

So far, the only date that’s been remotely confirmed is a November 27 show in Tokyo – a commercial for the event can be viewed here.

Now, Pollstar is confirming the rumored Osaka date is a go: it will take place at the Osaka Chuo Gymnasium on November 20; the concert industry magazine also confirms the November 27 show will be at the Tokyo Dome.

Still no official word on the rumored Nagoya date for November 29.

Stay tuned.

Van Van Halen

Van Halen – Bullethead

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