Monday, June 2, 2014

VIDEO: Behind the scenes with David Lee Roth in Tokyo Story

David Lee Roth is sharing behind the scenes footage from the filming of his 2013 Japanese film short, “Tokyo Story.”

Written by Roth, the 4-minute film features the singer taking on a group of Japanese thugs in a card game who try to take advantage of "the American" who they think can't speak English.

The Tarrantino-style short stars Roth as an assassin and famous Sumo wrestler Konishiki as the card sharking villain.

Roth became a resident of Tokyo in 2012; he continues to maintain homes in New York City and Pasadena, California.

Reports indicate Van Halen are actively working on a new album, the follow-up to 2012’s “A Different Kind Of Truth.”

In a recent episode of The Roth Show, the singer revealed that he has been working on a secret Van Halen project.

“Doing some catching up here, a little bit of a scrapbook,” said the singer. “We’ve been doing a lot of travelling. [I’ve been] working on a great Van Halen project - can’t announce anything … or I’d have to come find you and swear you to secrecy.”

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