Tuesday, December 8, 2015

AUDIO: Mitch Malloy releases lost Van Halen demo

Mitch Malloy has released “It’s The Right Time”, a demo he recorded during his 1996 audition for Van Halen following their first split with Sammy Hagar.

Malloy was offered the Van Halen gig after three days of jamming with the band at Eddie’s 5150 studios.

“It’s 1996 and I’m invited, via a phone call from Eddie, to ‘hang out’ with the band,” explains Malloy. “After an amazing time in L.A., which included Ed saying, ‘congratulations you’re in the band’, I'm leaving and he hands me a tape of an instrumental of the band and says, ‘turn this into a song.’

“Well, I did write that song, but never shared it with anyone out of respect for the band. But, 20 long years later, I decided that with the challenging times the world is having ‘It’s The Right Time’ to share that uplifting song. Fans have wondered what I would sound like with Van Halen, now you will know. I hope you dig it. ROCK!”

Diehard Van Halen fans will recognize the music for “It’s The Right Time” as a rougher demo of “That’s Why I Love You”, an unreleased tune from 1998’s “Van Halen III” that was dropped at the last minute and replaced by the track “Josephina.”

Malloy has previously shared his audition recording of the band’s 1984 smash “Panama”,one of five songs he performed at 5150 studios, including “Ain't Talkin 'Bout Love,” “Why Can't This Be Love,” “Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do)” and “Jump.”

Malloy ultimately declined the Van Halen offer when he saw the band reunite with David Lee Roth to present a trophy at the 1996 MTV Music Video Awards.

Roth’s first public appearance since leaving the group in 1985 was to hype the release of “Greatest Hits Vol. 1”, which featured two new recordings with the singer: “Me Wise Magic” and “Can’t Get This Stuff No More.”

“I was, like, ‘What?’ My jaw just dropped,” says Malloy. “Then, I was just like: ‘What are they doing? Why is Dave with them? This is not good for me.’ It just hit me at that time now the whole world thought that Dave was back in the band – and wanted Dave back in the band, including me. I mean, I grew up on Van Halen with Dave in it.

“When I saw Dave come out with them, that was it for me. It was over. This can’t work for me.”

Manager Ray Danniels brought in Gary Cherone from another band he was handling – Extreme – to usher in the “Van Halen III” era.

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