Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Queensryche share new album update

Queensryche singer Todd La Torre is sharing an update on new music from the band.

"Michael [Wilton, guitar] flew down [to my house in Florida] recently – a week or two ago – and [producer Chris] Zeuss came down [as well]," La Torre tells The Metal Voice. "And then [drummer] Casey [Grillo] lives here, so he was coming over every day. We recorded 14, 15 new song ideas. And then Michael's coming back down again in, like, a month or so.

“So we're writing new Queensryche stuff. And Zeuss is recording it in real time, as we are in a room coming up with fresh ideas on the fly. Eddie [Jackson] and Parker [Lundgren], they may come down. It depends. Parker's slammed with his guitar shop — he has a shop called Diablo Guitars, and he's just exploding; things are going great for him. And Eddie's songwriting at home, and he doesn't feel safe traveling right now. So that's why he didn't come down. And I said, 'Dude, I totally respect it and I get it.' Absolutely."

The new studio effort would mark the Queensryche recording debut of Grillo, who was added to the lineup for live performances in 2017 after founding member Scott Rockenfield stepped aside from touring to spend time with his newborn son, Rockson.

La Torre – who handled drums for the band’s 2019 album, “The Verdict” – will release his solo debut, “Rejoice In The Suffering”, on February 5.
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