Thursday, March 16, 2023

David Lee Roth revisits retirement status on The Roth Show

David Lee Roth revisits the circumstances of his reported retirement on the latest episode of The Roth Show.

The rocker – who announced in late 2021 that he would retire from music – has continued to share new recordings from a spring 2022 session at Henson Studios in Los Angeles that mixed Van Halen songs with cover tunes.

Roth reportedly recorded 14 tracks in 2 hours with his most recent touring lineup of guitarist Al Estrada, bassist Ryan Wheele and drummer Francis Valentino.

“It’s quite an inspiring experience to be there,” says Roth about Henson Studios. “We took the Van Halen tunes; what you’re hearing essentially is the show that never actually did happen; I didn’t actually get to retire… ‘Just when I get out, they pull me back in’ (paraphrasing a line from The Godfather Part III). I really did mean to retire; I should be on my third retirement, according to the ‘Rocky’ bibliography.”

Roth then outlined a lower back issue as it relates to how much performing he is able to physically take on these days.

“I can do one-offs (concerts),” he explains, “I can do back-and-forths.”

Last year, Roth hinted at a change in his active status after delivering a private performance in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in May.

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