Saturday, November 20, 2010

Van Halen: David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony ink deals with Warner/Chappell

Van Halen may be busy these days in the studio, plotting their plans for 2011, while their reps continue to deny it and admit to little of anything.

Meanwhile, lots of VH-related business is getting done behind the scenes.

Warner/Chappell recently inked deals with Sammy Hagar, David Lee Roth and Michael Anthony, all of the VH family.

As part of the new agreement, Warner/Chappell acquired the entire catalog of songs written by Sammy Hagar – songwriter/guitarist, and former lead singer of Van Halen (1986 through 1996) - including his work with the bands Van Halen, Montrose and Chickenfoot, as well as his music as a solo artist.

In addition, Warner/Chappell extended and expanded its worldwide administration agreements with songwriters David Lee Roth, original lead singer for Van Halen (1978 through 1984), and Michael Anthony, bassist for Van Halen and Chickenfoot.

Roth’s existing catalog, including his Van Halen and solo work, as well as Anthony’s work with Van Halen and Chickenfoot’s debut self-titled album, are part of the agreements.

“Sammy Hagar, David Lee Roth and Michael Anthony have not only each co-written hit songs recorded by Van Halen on some of the highest-selling albums of all time, but each had success on other solo or band recording projects as well,” said Scott Francis, President, Warner/Chappell Music, and Chairman and CEO, Warner/Chappell Music U.S.

“Their work is classic, timeless and adored around the world. The entire Warner/Chappell staff is excited to be working with such revered musicians who we know will continue to thrill fans for years to come.”

Warner/Chappell made a similar announcement in August regarding the administration of publishing by Eddie and Alex Van Halen.

The flag-raiser in that press release was the final line, which read: “The group is currently in the studio recording an album with Roth that is due for release in 2011.”

(see "New Van Halen in 2011" here).

More evidence that something is up in the VH camp, despite their handlers’ attempts to claim otherwise….especially following news reports from Melodicrock this week. Check the final two stories in the “See also” section below to get up to speed on the latest news…

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