Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Motley Crue: Vince Neil says DUI sentence was ‘a little harsh’

Vince Neil continues to make headlines, even though he’s currently sitting in a Las Vegas jail serving a 15-day DUI sentence.

In a pre-jail interview taped February 11 with radio station KUNV Las Vegas, and aired last Friday (18), the Las Vegas Sun reports Neil spoke with host John Katsilometes about his arrest and pending jail time.

“Obviously, it was something that happened,” said Vince, “and it should not have happened. There are so many other options that you can take besides saying, ‘Yeah, I can drive home.’ But I did it.”

Neil then called into question the penalty he was to serve.

“They were a little harsh in the sentencing,” he said. “But I think they wanted to make an example out of me, and it is what it is. … It’s not bad, but it’s still jail. Jail is jail.”

Neil has his own thoughts as to the penalty itself.

“Well, I think just because of my past (Neil was charged with felony DUI in a 1984 accident in Redondo Beach, Calif., that killed Hanoi Rocks drummer Razzle Dingley and injured two others),” answered Vince. “That kind of factored into it. But I’m going to do it, do my time and put it behind me and move on with my life.”

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