Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dream Theater: Live At Budokan goes Blu-ray this fall

Dream Theater’s new album, “A Dramatic Turn Of Events,” hits stores September 13.

A month later, the band’s 2004 concert video, “Live At Budokan,” get the Blu-ray treatment.

"Live At Budokan" presents DT’s entire three-hour performance at Tokyo's famed Budokan arena on April 26, 2004, along with a bonus disc rich in supplementary material.

Disc 1 finds the metallic progressive-rock quintet at its awe-inspiring best, plowing through its catalog of dramatic epics and jack-hammer instrumentals, including five of the seven songs from 2003's "Train of Thought."

Disc 2 features an extended drum solo from percussionist extraordinaire Mike Portnoy; gear tours from guitarist John Petrucci and keyboardist Jordan Rudess (fascinating for lay people and downright revelatory for musicians); and a half-hour documentary on DT’s 2004 stint in Japan punctuated by snippets of band rehearsals. The shooting and editing for the concert are a music lover's dream, with lengthy shots that linger on the performances of individual band members. Disc 2 takes this even further with a multi-angle sequence of the 12-minute "Instrumedley."

The Blu-ray edition of Dream Theater’s “Live At Budokan” will be released on October 18.

Dream Theater
"Live At Budokan"

Blu-ray release date: October 18, 2011

01. As I Am
02. This Dying Soul
03. Beyond This Life
04. Hollow Years
05. War Inside My Head
06. The Test That Stumped Them All
07. Endless Sacrifice
08. Instrumedley
09. Trial of Tears
10. New Millennium
11. Keyboard Solo
12. Only a Matter of Time
13. Goodnight Kiss
14. Solitary Shell
15. Stream of Consciousness
16. Disappear
17. Pull Me Under
18. In the Name of God

Documentary and extra features:

* "Riding The Train Of Thought": Japanese Tour Documentary
* John Petrucci "Guitar World"
* Jordan Rudess "Keyboard World"
* Mike Portnoy Drum Solo
* "The Dream Theater Chronicles": 2004 Tour Opening Video
* "Instrumedley" Multiangle Bonus

Dream Theater Dream Theater

Dream Theater – Instrumedley
Live At Budokan (2004)

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