Friday, December 30, 2011

Aerosmith: Joe Perry talks new album, tour during live Twitter chat

Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry hosted his first Twitter chat Thursday night, taking questions from fans around the globe.

As expected, there were lots of questions about the new album and upcoming tour, Steven Tyler, guitar gear and favourite places to play, and eat at, on the road.

Aerosmith have been working with producer Jack Douglas on their first album of original material in a decade; the band have been talking about the project being released this Spring.

Perry was asked which vintage Aerosmith album does the new recording remind him of, to which he replied, “people have said when we play the rough tracks it sounds like it's from the 70s but for me, it's too early to tell.”

As for hitting the road to support the new disc, “we are planning on touring this summer in the US and Canada,” writes Joe, and “we plan on coming back to South America in 2013, but we have to plan around my lead singers day job.”

And speaking of Steven Tyler, Perry was asked how things were with the band’s frontman. “Things are good, we had great moments on stage and off. The band is really looking fwd to the tour this summer.”

What did Joe first think when Steven fell down and broke some teeth in Paraguay? “Oh f**k, he's done it again!,” replied Perry. “The poor bastard. He's accident prone and got such a good heart for his fans and I felt bad 4him.”

A few other cool tidbits:

On new solo music...

“We are talking about a compilation Joe Perry Project record in the future with some new songs on it.”

On releasing his own book...

“Yes I'm working on a book now.”

On the best band he’s ever seen live...

“I'd say that Cheap Trick is the most consistently great band and I've seen them dozens of times.”

Check out all the Q&A on Joe’s Twitter feed here.

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Aerosmith – Let the Music Do The Talking

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