Saturday, March 17, 2012

VIDEO: Watch Bruce Springsteen’s SXSW keynote speech

Bruce Springsteen has been all over this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Conference.

Celebrating his new #1 album, “Wrecking Ball,” and before playing a 3-hour show in Austin Thursday night, Springsteen spent the afternoon delivering the conference’s keynote speech.

It was an informative and entertaining affair, as Bruce dealt directly with music’s history, as well as his own.

Describing his initial “genesis” moment, where his eyes were open to the possibilities of music, Springsteen said, “Mine was 1956: Elvis on the Ed Sullivan Show. It was the evening I realized that a white man could make magic, that you did not have to be constrained by your upbringing, by the way you looked, or by the social context that oppressed you. You could call upon your own powers of imagination, and you could create a transformative self.”

Bruce Springsteen – keynote speech
SXSW – Austin, TX – March 15, 2012

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