Thursday, April 12, 2012

John 5 raves about new Van Halen album

Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 is getting set to release his new album, “God Told Me To,” in a few weeks, but he's taking time out from promoting his upcoming project to rave about the new Van Halen album, “A Different Kind Of Truth.”

"It's amazing!" he tells MusicRadar. "I love the new Van Halen record. Let me rephrase that: I love, love, love the new Van Halen record. It's heavy. If you really sit down and listen to it, it's totally heavy. The band isn't playing it safe at all, and that's what's so great about it."

When the album's first song, "Tattoo," was released, many folks were less than impressed. John 5, however, quickly chalked it up as a winner. "It's a wonderful song," he says. "I remember everybody going, 'Ahhh, I don't know about this Tattoo.' But I'll tell you, by the second or third time I heard it, it was in my head. And that's the mark of any great song - it stays with you."

John 5 has some VH-related history: he played guitar on David Lee Roth’s 1998 release, “DLR Band,” while writing half of the songs on the album. John also contributed “Thug Pop” to Roth’s 2003 record, “Diamond Dave” – the lone non-cover song on the project.

John 5's “God Told Me To” will be released on May 8.

Van Van Halen

Van Halen – Bullethead

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