Monday, March 19, 2012

Wolfgang Van Halen joins D’Addario roster

D’Addario has announced that Van Halen bassist, Wolfgang Van Halen, has joined the D’Addario artist roster.

As the bassist for Van Halen, one of the most wildly successful rock bands of all time, Wolfgang’s musical prowess shines on the band’s latest album, “A Different Kind of Truth” and its current tour.

Wolfgang has been a part of his father’s vision for the legendary band for some time, with the 1991 instrumental “316” being named in his honor, after Wolfgang’s birthday (he turned 21 last week). Later, his father named a custom guitar after him, the EVH Wolfgang.

Wolfgang began actively playing with the band in 2004 making guest appearances during Van Halen’s tour that year, appearing during his father’s extended guitar solo spot and performing the song “316” with him.

Wolfgang made his full concert debut with Van Halen in September 2007. Like his father and uncle, drummer Alex Van Halen, Wolfgang is a multi-instrumentalist; in addition to bass, he also plays drums, guitar, keyboards and handles a heavy work load of vocal harmonies to the band that bears his name.

Wolfgang, who uses D’Addario EXL165 Nickel Wound Bass Custom Light Bass Strings and D’Addario ENR71 Half Round Regular Light Bass Strings, says, “The consistency, feel, tone and quality of my D’addario strings are why they’re my choice. Nobody makes a better string.”

“Wolfgang is an extremely talented and versatile musician,” says Marco Soccoli, Director of Artist Relations. “We are thrilled to be part of his musical journey, and we’re very proud and honored to have him join our family of artists!”

Wolfgang and Van Halen continue their 2012 tour this week with shows in Ottawa (Wed) and Atlantic City (Sat).

Van Van Halen

Van Halen – China Town
Bell Centre – Montreal, QC – March 15, 2012

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