Sunday, July 22, 2012

VIDEO: Dweezil Zappa rocks Van Halen classics

Dweezil Zappa pays tribute to the legacy of his father, Frank, with his ongoing touring show Zappa Plays Zappa.

The group mixes a variety of tracks from Frank’s catalogue with some choice covers of tunes by artists like the Allman Brothers and Van Halen.

Video from Zappa Plays Zappa’s July 11 show in Raleigh, NC has surfaced, and the footage features an extended session of Van Halen material.

Dweezil begins by sharing one of his favorite memeories - how he met Eddie Van Halen.

Following that first hang session (which also involved Steve Vai), Eddie produced (along with engineer Donn Landee) Dweezil’s first single (“My Mother Is A Space Cadet”), which was released in 1982. Production credits were listed as “The Vards,” and Eddie played the song’s intro.

In Raleigh, Dweezil follows the tale by kicking into the master’s classic solo, “Eruption.”

Zappa is then joined by a character named David Lee “Sloth,” and the group performs the "Van Halen II" classic, “Somebody Get Me A Doctor.”

Van Van Halen

Dweezil Zappa – story / Eruption / Somebody Get Me A Doctor
Originals by Van Halen
Lincoln Theatre – Raleigh, NC – July 11, 2012

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