Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nirvana: Kurt Cobain’s childhood home for sale for $500k

Late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s childhood home in Aberdeen, Washington is up for sale with a listing price of $500,000.

Los Angeles-based realtors The Agency are marketing the 4-bedroom, 1 bath, 1,522 square foot bungalow.

Cobain lived in the Aberdeen home from when he was a few months old until he was nine, when his parents separated, and then again from age 16 until about 20. The home is still largely preserved, with many belongings of Kurt’s still in place. There are even marks and drawings on the walls made by Kurt, and pieces of original furniture including family dining table/hutch, Kurt’s childhood mattress, the rug in his room and more. The home is an amazing look into Kurt’s past, as everything is still more or less preserved and captures his early years that led to his legendary career.

The home is located in a quiet residential neighborhood three blocks from the park that Aberdeen has dedicated as the Kurt Cobain Memorial Park. It is a Craftsman-style bungalow with two stories, an attached garage and back yard. The garage is where Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic practiced when they first got a band together in the late 1980s. Kurt left his mark, quite literally, in his upstairs bedroom on the walls, including some artwork drawn directly on the walls and a hole in one wall where he punched it as a teen, almost breaking his hand.

In a truly unique opportunity, this childhood home of rock legend Kurt Cobain is being offered for sale. There are a number of exciting possibilities for the historic property, including renovation, moving the building and incorporating it into a larger institution or private collection or creating a museum in Aberdeen or elsewhere (provided the necessary consent is obtained). The family has photos of Kurt throughout his life in the home and would be willing to share a few select copies with the purchaser.

This week, Nirvana released the 20th anniversary reissue of their 1993 album, “In Utero.”

A multi-format release of the Seattle band’s final album spreads more than 70 remastered, remixed, rare, unreleased and live recordings over configurations ranging from a 3-CD/1-DVD Super Deluxe Edition to a standard digital/CD remaster of the original album.

Material exclusive to the various versions of the "In Utero" 20th-anniversary reissue will include a treasure trove of never-before-heard demos, B-sides and compilation tracks.

For a full tracklisting, click here.

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