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Rock News Artist Of The Year No. 7: VAN HALEN

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2022 Rock News Artist Of The Year – Top 10


Rock News Artist of The Year No. 7 – VAN HALEN

The Van Halen family tree began 2022 with news that David Lee Roth cancelled his scheduled Las Vegas residency due to issues related to the pandemic, which also delayed the launch of Wolfgang Van Halen’s Mammoth WVH tour with Dirty Honey.

In March, Daryl Hall reconfirmed that Eddie Van Halen asked him to join Van Halen following Roth’s departure in 1985, something he first revealed back in 2015.

April saw former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted leak news that Alex Van Halen attempted to organize a new Van Halen concert tour as a tribute to Eddie that would have seen the pair joined by Roth and guitarist Joe Satriani, following a series of jams last year – which was confirmed by both Satriani and Roth a few weeks later.

In June, Roth hinted at a possible change in his retirement status, and, the following month, the singer streamed a new song called “Pointing At The Moon” and another, “Nothing Could Have Stopped Us Anyway”, a track inspired by the early days of Van Halen.

July also saw Wolfgang share an update on the status of an Eddie Van Halen tribute concert in a new interview with Rolling Stone, where he explained discussions were in the very early stages before the concept hit a road block, while adding “I would really like to do something for Pop.”

Roth streamed "studio live" versions of the 1984 Van Halen hit, "Panama", and the 1978 Van Halen classic, “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love”, in September, around the same time Wolfgang performed a pair of the group’s tracks at the first Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert in London, something he would repeat a few weeks later at a second event honoring the late Foo Fighters drummer in Los Angeles.

September also saw Pasadena, CA officially open a Van Halen performance stage at the city’s new park, while the Red Hot Chili Peppers streamed a new track, “Eddie”, as their own tribute to the iconic guitarist.

In the fall, more Van Halen covers by Roth surfaced – including “Dance The Night Away” and his own take on The Kinks’ classic, "You Really Got Me", which served as the California band’s debut single in 1978.

Wolfgang started recording his second Mammoth WVH album in the first week of October ahead of the November release of an expanded edition of his solo debut under that brand and a return to the road opening a late fall European tour for Alter Bridge, with whom he’ll also team up with for North American shows starting in late January.

Pick up your copy of “Mammoth WVH” here and the 1978 Van Halen debut here.

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