Monday, September 5, 2011

VIDEO: Pearl Jam debut new song at PJ20 Day 2

In a moment of inspiration, Eddie Vedder captured the spirit of the PJ20 festival on Sunday.

The light bulb clicked for the Pearl Jam frontman during a conversation with X bassist John Doe earlier in the day.

“I was a with a friend of mine, earlier, with John [Doe],” began Vedder, as he introduced the track at the start of the encores. “I was just talking, and he said, ‘you know that’s a pretty good line.’ So, with all the free time I had today, I just wrote a little song….I might just try it.”

No song title was given, but it may be called “So Glad We Made It,” a summation of the spirit of the event and a nod to the band’s longevity as they enter their third decade together.

"I’m so glad we made when it all got good,” Vedder sings in the chorus. “Never thought we would, never thought we could.”

Night 2 featured more guest appearances by members of other bands on the lineup, as The Strokes, Mudhoney, Liam Finn and others joined PJ for their set – including another 4-song Temple Of The Dog reunion mini-set during the encores, with Chris Cornell belting out songs that haven’t been performed in many years.

hennemusic carried both nights LIVE as an on-site fan broadcast the show via his Android phone. Check out Day 1 here and Day 2 here.

Pearl Jam Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam – So Glad We Made It
PJ20 Destination Weekend
Alpine Valley, WI – September 4, 2011

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