Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Motley Crue bassist explains how Home Sweet Home became band classic

Motley Crue wrapped up a North American summer tour with KISS on the weekend.

Crue bassist Nikki Sixx regularly spends time on his syndicated radio show, Sixx Sense, talking about touring, life on the road, and the group’s history; recently, Nikki revealed the struggles the band endured in trying to release “Home Sweet Home.”

"Our record company back in the day, Elektra Records, we turned in [the 1983 album] 'Shout At The Devil' and they rejected the album,” explained the bassist. “They said they didn't like it, it didn't sound like [1981's] 'Too Fast For Love', we changed the logo, we changed our look. And so we said, 'Fine. Then we'll go to another record company.'”

“So [Elektra] put it out [after all], and it sold four million copies,”
continued Nikki. “Elektra was about to go bankrupt at the time, and that saved their ass. And then when our next record [1985's 'Theatre Of Pain'] got turned in, with 'Home Sweet Home' on it, they rejected that album. They said, 'This is horrible, and you have to take that song off the record. You guys aren't a ballad band.' So we did the same thing.”

“We were always at war with that record company; they never really believed in us,”
said Sixx. "And so we came out with 'Smokin' In The Boys Room' and that album blew up. And then we wanted to release 'Home Sweet Home', and [the record company] said, 'No way. No way.' So we funded it, we shot the video ourselves, went on MTV and the rest is history. “

"But that song ['Home Sweet Home'] was never a hit single. They never worked it at radio, they never promoted the song, and if it wasn't for MTV back when they used to play videos, that song wouldn't be the song it is today. But that song's kind of like our 'Dream On' [Aersomith] or our 'Stairway To Heaven' [Led Zeppelin], right?! … 'Dream On' was not a hit single [either].

"It's interesting how a song resonates with an audience, but that definitely doesn't always resonate with business people,”
reasoned Nikki. “They look at things like Aerosmith, and they go, 'Oh, this is your first record. You don't wanna have a ballad on it.' But that was the song — that was the jewel of that first Aerosmith record. 'Home Sweet Home' is such a jewel in our career, just as 'Stairway To Heaven' is [for Led Zeppelin]. And a lot of bands have that kind of song that really connects with people, other than what they usually do, which is, maybe in our case, we're a rock band and that something was a little bit left of center."

"Home Sweet Home" charted at No. 89 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. The song ranked No. 12 on VH1's chart of the greatest power ballads of all time,

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