Friday, October 7, 2011

AUDIO: Lou Reed and Metallica - without Lou Reed

This is an interesting development in the Lou Reed and Metallica project’s history, to say the least.

A fan has edited the first song from "Lulu" issued by the guys, “The View,” and made it a Metallica-only track….they’ve edited Lou right out of it.

I expect Lou’s vocals over Metallica riffs are such a shock to ‘Tallica followers that this is the end result for fans who only want the heavy from their band.

I can’t imagine the label is going to want this stuff online for long, so grab a listen while you can, before the label’s lawyers work to get this shut down.

However, it’s conceivable that Metallica fans could end up doing their own edits for the full album when it’s released at the end of the month….so the lawyers may end up on standby, anyway, racking up more billable hours against the project.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if news of this reaches Metallica and the band reacts by issuing some sort of statement to fans….but let’s see what happens.

To give you the perspective on this, we’re offering up both versions for your listening and rocking pleasure.

Lou Reed and Metallica – The View
Fan edit: Lou Reed removed from song

Lou Reed & Metallica Lou Reed & Metallica

Lou Reed and Metallica – The View (2011)

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