Thursday, November 3, 2011

Danko Jones was joking about selling his Metallica collection

Looks like Toronto rocker Danko Jones caught some flack from Metallica fans for his recent comments slamming the new “Lulu” collaboration with Lou Reed.

Surely not the only one vocal is his opinion about the new release, Jones was previewing it last weekend when he referred to it as the “Ishtar/Waterworld/Battlefield Earth of Rock N’ Roll”…even going so far as to offering up his Metallica collection for sale, writing,

“Good Morning! Heard Metallica/Lou Reed album last night. Metallica collection now for sale. Tweet your $$$.”

Now, in his weekly podcast, Danko is letting fans know he was having a little fun with the record and isn’t really planning on letting his substantial Metallica collection go any time soon.

“So I just wanna use this podcast to say, it was a joke — I was just joking,” says Jones. “I'm not selling my Metallica collection, and I do have a collection. I'm a huge Metallica fan. I've got around 130 bootlegs of strictly Metallica in either DVD, CD or vinyl. I'm a huge fan of everything Metallica has done since I was, like, 13 or 14 years old — I followed them through everything — and this is a joke; I was joking. I really do think that the Lou Reed/Metallica collaboration is weak, but as a fan, my fandom isn't unconditional; I have criticisms.”

“I found it quite amusing, all the hate tweets,”
he sums up. “But I also was aghast at just how many people don't get a joke and how many people will eat up anything blindly — like they'll accept it blindly, because they're supposed to, because they're officially a 'fan.' And I thought the best part of being a fan is to just be so hyper-critical. That's why you're a super-fan...and that's what I consider myself when it comes to that band."

Check out and download the full Danko Jones podcast here.

“Lulu” is out now.

Danko Jones Danko Jones

Danko Jones – Active Volcanoes (2010)

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