Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Motley Crue singer banned from Palms in Las Vegas

Motley Crue singer Vince Neil is making headlines in a public dispute with the Palms in Las Vegas which has left him banned from the hotel.

Vince, who lives in the city and is getting set to open his strip club – Girls, Girls, Girls – began posting tweets about the Palms last week after an incident at the hotel’s Little Buddha restaurant.

On March 28, Neil tweeted, "I love Vegas, but DO NOT GO TO LITTLE BUDDHA @palms IN VEGAS!! OMG RUDEST STAFF EVER!! Don't go!!"

On Monday (Apr 2), Vince revisited the issue with a series of posts that began with, “Do to recent events, including distrust and dishonesty at the executive level, I will never again step foot @palms property.”

Neil then went on to attempt to discourage others from visiting the Palms, which led the hotel to issue a reply.

"Mr. Neil has recently made negative comments about Palms on Twitter, however, he fails to mention his own actions. As a result of Mr. Neil's inappropriate behavior, he was asked to leave a restaurant at Palms.

"Mr. Neil has also since called Palms personnel threatening negative publicity. While we believe this is unfortunate, and we would prefer that Mr. Neil put his efforts toward apologizing for his conduct, such threats will have no effect on Palms' policies or its decision in this matter.

"We at Palms take customer service very seriously, but we also take the well being of our team members just as seriously. We cannot and will not allow our guests, no matter who they are, to mistreat our team members.

"As a result of his actions, Mr. Neil is no longer welcome at Palms."

After the Palms' reply, Neil fired back, writing, "@palms can say what they want. It's all lie's. F the executives!! I'll name names later!!" adding, "@palms looking for any excuse for people not going there because they don't treat people with respect!!"

A few hours later, Vince still hadn’t let the issue go, posting more tweets:

“It’s funny how I’m BANNED from the @palms AFTER I said I don’t want to go there anymore!! They are twisting the story around to make themselves look better. This is about executives @palms covering up for each other! Nothing more!”

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