Sunday, May 1, 2011

James Durbin tops the hennemusic Hot 10 for 2nd week

The word on American Idol rocker James Durbin continues to spread, as he lands himself in the #1 spot on the hennemusic Hot 10 for the 2nd week in a row.

Durbin’s take on Muse’s “Uprising” gave the Santa Cruz native a more modern sound and look than previous episodes, as James dressed the part for the “21st Century Songs” night.

The HH10 is a list of the most-viewed rock news stories in the past week by hennemusic readers.

hennemusic Hot 10
week ending May 1, 2011

01 – VIDEO: James Durbin rocks Muse on American Idol
02 – VIDEO: Jason Bonham, Nicole Scherzinger rock Led Zeppelin classic for NBA
03 – Van Halen: new album due for summer release?
04 – Motley Crue/Poison 2011 Tour dates
05 – Bret Michaels suffering from effects of eye injury
06 – Aerosmith: Steven Tyler on cover of People magazine
07 – VIDEO: Twisted Sister rock Jimmy Fallon
08 – Aerosmith: Steven Tyler says he and Joe Perry did drugs in 2008
09 – Metallica: Big 4 play Yankee Stadium this fall
10 – Motley Crue: Vince Neil completes DUI sentence

Elsewhere, Zeppelin fans dug into a new take on the band’s “Black Dog” recorded for the NBA playoffs by Jason Bonham and Nicole Scherzinger, as the video landed in the #2 position.

New hennemusic readers are catching up on recent news regarding Van Halen and the Motley Crue/Poison tour, with both stories staying in the top 5.

Steven Tyler
was pretty much everywhere, as he hypes his new autobiography, “Does The Noise In My Head Bother You?”, due out Tuesday. Rolling Stone and People magazine both feature Tyler on their covers, as the book and Idol appearances are sure to keep the Aerosmith frontman in the headlines for some time.

Other big stories included Twister Sister rocking out for a good cause; yet another Bret Michaels health issue; a huge announcement from the Big 4; and, Vince Neil’s lawyers work their magic to wrap up their client’s DUI sentence.

American Idol American Idol

James Durbin - Uprising
Original by Muse
American Idol – April 20, 2011

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