Saturday, November 12, 2011

VIDEO: The Van Halen cover the band banned in America

Ricky Gervais: shrewd marketer, mad genius, or both?

At the September launch of season 2 of his “An Idiot Abroad” series, the Brit comedy icon was hyping the new shows and told the media that Van Halen have tried to ban a cover of the band’s 1984 smash, “Jump,” by his TV pal Karl Pilkington.

On the Sky1 series “An Idiot Abroad: The Bucket List,” which stars Ricky, comedy partner Stephen Merchant and Pilkington, the concept is to have Karl undertake a list of challenges you should do before you die, and one of them is to perform with an American “Glee-style” chorus club.

Karl sang VH’s “Jump,” but his rendition was allegedly so bad that the band tried to ban it from being broadcast.

Ricky said Karl was shaking before the performance and messed up the words.

"Van Halen are trying to put a stop on it, because it is that bad,” said Gervias. “But Sky have got a blanket agreement, so we can put it out in England, but we can't put it out in America, or on the DVD."

Now, besides the fact that it’s a “Glee-style” chorus club, would VH really try to prevent the American audience from seeing the 60-second performance?

There was no word from VH reps at the time, so who knows if Ricky was telling it like it is or just looking for more viewers, but the episode, entitled “Route 66,” did run recently in the UK and was seen by 2.2 million viewers, which is about this season’s average audience per program.

And the “Glee-style’ “Jump” cover was broadcast…

Karl Pilkington – Jump

Original by Van Halen
An Idiot Abroad – series 2, episode 6 "Route 66"

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