Monday, September 26, 2011

Guns N’ Roses top the hennemusic Hot 10

News of more Guns N’ Roses shows in the States this fall tops the hennemusic Hot 10 this week.

On Monday – before a tour announcement was made on Wednesday – four more dates were confirmed by fan sites, as the band will hit Greenville, Atlanta, Dallas and Hartford.

GNR fans, hungry for news the band wasn’t actively promoting until mid-week, turned to rock news sites for information on Axl Rose and company.

The HH10 is a list of the most-viewed rock news stories in the past week by hennemusic readers.

hennemusic Hot 10

week ending September 25, 2011

01 – Guns N’ Roses: Four more US dates announced
02 – Hear new Nickelback
03 – INXS: J.D. Fortune out as lead singer…again
04 – Aerosmith: Steven Tyler hooks up with Oprah
05 – Mike Portnoy sued Dream Theater after he left group
06 – Lou Reed & Metallica cover banned by London Underground
07 – Chris Cornell: More acoustic Songbook dates
08 – AUDIO: Lou Reed & Metallica present first Lulu preview
09 – Hear William Shatner cover Black Sabbath’s Iron Man
10 – VIDEO: Judas Priest singer falls off motorcycle on stage in Brazil

In at #2 this week on the HH10, new music from Nickelback. The Canadian rockers offered up the first two singles from their forthcoming album, “Here And Now,” due November 21. "When We Stand Together" and "Bottoms Up" will ship to Pop and Rock radio stations respectively on September 26, but hennemusic snagged the songs from youtube on Thursday after the band posted them on their website, beating old media by 5 full days. Warner Music continued to shut down the sources; hennemusic kept locating new versions so fans could share music with fans, despite the band’s record label making every effort to disrupt the process – clearly against the interests of Nickelback followers.

INXS continue their on-again/off-again relationship with singer J.D. Fortune, and he’s now gone from the band, once more. Fortune took the high-road with his comments, saying the split was amicable and contractual, and the Australian band is working the revolving door on a frontman yet again…this story comes in at #3.

The celebrity of Oprah likely causes a commotion wherever she goes, and it was Sunapee, NH’s turn this week to find that out as the media mogul hung out with Steven Tyler in the small northwestern US town. This news landed at the #4 most-read story by hennemusic readers this week.

At #5, Dream Theater fans learned some unpleasant news this week about their fave band. Turns out Mike Portnoy filed legal papers against the boys after he made the decision to leave the group on his own. Most interesting was the band’s lawyer trying to calm the waters by saying there was “no pending litigation” between the parties, and it’s a curious move, for sure: possibly to divert attention (if not for that reason, than why??) from the fact the follow up news revealed the band actually filed papers on their ex-drummer first. DT fans were unhappy with the news, some even in denial that either action took place, despite public statements made by the band’s lawyer, and Portnoy, that the events factually took place. Huh.

Other big stores this week involved the London Underground refusing to accept ad money because someone in their circle didn’t like the look of the Lou Reed-Metallica album cover and didn’t want it displayed in their subway – guess the company doesn't need the money - and so much for free speech in the LU (#6); Chris Cornell announces more dates for his acoustic “Songbook” tour this fall (#7); the first audio preview of the Reed/Metallica (aka “Loutallica”) project (#8); Bill Shatner’s version of a Sabbath classic at #9, down from #2 last week; and, footage of Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford falling over on his motorcycle on stage in Brazil (#10).

For a full list of hennemusic Hot 10 charts, check out the archives here.

Guns Guns N' Roses

Guns N’ Roses – Mr. Brownstone
Hartford Civic Center – March 9, 1993

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